Viscom II


Last semester (as stated multiple times) was very rough for me. Working/living in constant stress might have been helpful to assimilate some concepts, but, because I was overwhelmed with new information, I prioritized some notions more than others. This probably caused me to not retain some important information because I did not deem it important enough. This might be the reason why I struggle a lot with organizing the body of a paragraph or giving an interesting and overall functional structure to a text. In general, the typographical aspect of every design I work on passes to secondary importance compared to the illustration. Illustration/graphics themselves can be a gift and a curse. I believe I have a decent hand when it comes to illustrations and drawings, but when overused, it might interfere with the overall look of a design, especially when it is emphasized more than any other design element. To improve my weaknesses, I should definitely work more on brochures, booklets, and magazines, or just anything that requires a restricted amount of graphic elements and a wiser use of negative space and body structure.
My area of interest is a little undefined. As a designer, I tend to go towards the artistic/illustrating side, that is probably why I struggle so much with organizing a clean design, struggling also to keep everything simple and direct.